Cutting edge technology and personalized market strategies


The crypto assets sector is young and volatile

You need experienced professionals managing your portfolio to maximize profits

An Investment Portfolio approach

This service is aimed at individuals who wish to place their crypto assets under active management to increase returns and diversification.

Our competitive approach will deliver only the results, allowing the client to retain ownership and custody of both the origin and target assets at all times.

Tailored personalization and customized experience

Several methodologies can be employed in the construction of an investment portfolio with the exact proportion of each constituent being one of the key factors to account for. Its weighting scheme sets a trade-off between potential gains, risk exposure and the own longevity of the investment. Our approach delivers two major components that try to optimally address that trade-off:

Active Investment 
Both human and algorithmic strategies are implemented, suitable to the risk profile of the investor. Maximizes the anomalies of the market, extracting value from those opportunities, and de-risks the exposure in timely adequate market conditions.

Passive Investment
Fundamental analysis, portfolio diversification and continuous re-balancing are key ingredients of a crypto index fund that tries to outperform buy and hold strategies or benchmarks. In the long-term, it translates itself almost into a “fixed income” strategy if the bias of the market is positive.



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