Satisfying needs of risk and portfolio management


The crypto assets sector is young and volatile

It’s a high risk – high reward trait often means events and changes in fundamentals are met with an abrupt move in price. Institutions need to mitigate that risk by having a specialized team ready 24/7 to better handle this ever-changing market.

Private Portfolio Management & Screening

This service is aimed at Institutions who wish to place their crypto assets under active management to increase returns and diversification.

Our Quantamental Approach

Quantamental investing, which combines the best of fundamental (human driven) and quantitative (computer driven) strategies, is redefining how asset managers handle their portfolios.

We charge an industry standard management and performance fee, important for our team to deliver an optimized strategy.

Custom made plan

The portfolio management service we provide is based on a custom made plan, aligned with the client’s strategy and risk profile. Within that plan, several cryptocurrency trading approaches and specific ranges of risk-income streams are defined.

Combined, they aim to provide higher returns with lower risks, both in crypto and fiat currency valuations.

Private Token Convertion

This service is aimed at institutional holders of tokens, typically ICO tokens, who wish to convert them to other assets to rebalance exposure / risk linked to a specific asset and thus increase diversification in their portfolios.

Our Placement Approach

The conversion process is not trivial given the nature of the origin asset (token). The majority of recently-issued ICO tokens are traded on few exchanges in low liquidity conditions, presenting very specific challenges.

Through the use of in-house software and under our team’s close market watch, we will alienate these tokens with the goals of minimizing price impact and maximizing conversion value.

Market Liquidity Provider

By being a liquidity provider, we can help balance an order flow by providing buy and sell quotes, while still trying to make a profit on the bid-ask spread.

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