Satisfying needs of risk and portfolio management


The crypto assets sector is young and volatile

Its high risk – high reward trait often means events and changes in fundamentals are met with an abrupt move in price. Institutions need to mitigate this risk by having a specialized team ready 24/7 to better handle an ever-changing market.

Institutional Portfolio Management & Screening

The portfolio management service we provide is based on a custom plan aligned with the institution’s strategy and assessed risk profile. Within this plan, several cryptocurrency trading approaches and lower risk income streams are defined, and when combined, ensure higher returns at a lower risk of major drawdowns, both in BTC and fiat currency valuations.

Custom made plan

Several methodologies can be employed in the construction of an investment fund with the exact proportion of each constituent being the key factor to account for. Therefore, its weighting scheme sets a trade-off between potential gains, risk exposure and longevity of the investment.

Our approach handles three major components

  • Human Trading Desk – Discretionary trading
  • Algorithmic Trading Desk – Proprietary Algorithmic Trading 
  • Index – Automated basket trading

We deliver a tailored, personalized and customized experience, adaptable to the personal taste of every single institution.

Private Token Conversion

This service is aimed at institutional holders of tokens, typically ICO tokens, who wish to convert them to other assets to rebalance exposure / risk linked to a specific asset and thus increase diversification in their portfolios.

Higher volume & spread gap narrowing

Recently issued ICO tokens usually provide increased trading challenges: a small number of markets, low liquidity conditions, small brand reach, reduced marketing impact, etc.

Through the use of in-house specific strategies and algorithms, and under the supervision of our team’s close market watch, ICO issuers can maximize their wealth conversion value, while minimizing the price impact of their rebalance. In the end, they can still aim for an increase in their market share dominance, if so desired.

Market Making

We provide around the clock liquidity to both early-stage and well-established cryptocurrencies. By combining 20 years of market experience with proprietary and innovative trading systems, we promote a daily volume growth on several trading pairs and in multiple exchange platforms.

Our Placement Approach

An immediate consequence of market making is the increase of daily traded volume and the narrowing and stabilization of the spread gap. By diminishing the spread, the cross-matching between investors/traders’ desired price and available bids is more avidly satisfied. As a collateral, slippage in market orders is also inherently diminished. This translates into lower waiting times for order completion and a more reliable – in terms of order book depth – price availability, making it easier for retail market participants to trade the asset and creating the conditions for larger players to take part of it as well.

We don’t just meet industry standards: we actually set them with our vision. With the help of our trading team, focused on a broad range of financial products, we are able to provide exciting opportunities to our clients.

Institutional Passive Investment Solution (Index)

Exposition to the digital assets ecosystem through a long-term investment in a portfolio of diversified assets, covering the whole spectrum of sectors and industry. Several indexes are historically backtested, and the best performers are deployed live, building a profitable and robust track-record.

What is it and what we do

Through fundamental analysis and cutting-edge research, a basket of assets is selected periodically which constitutes a broad exposition to the digital assets world, while minimizing the risks and maximizing potential returns. Frequent re-balances of its constituents shares, and efficient automated trading, provides a continuous exploitation of the market, dynamically adjusting to its most promising performers.

The broad exposition and low-frequency trading characteristic of the product, provides a more passive way to enter the digital assets market, yet adjustable to the client’s personal taste regarding risk and rebalancing frequency. This customization trait provides thus an index-as-a-service tailored experience to the institution, suitable and adjustable to its desired level of sophistication.



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