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Investor Report, Aug 11

Bitcoin dominance has, over the past month, recovered over 6% and is now reaching the even scenario with the remaining altcoins. With all the major alts still having a period of corrective performance, highly correlated with the BTC downfall, forecasting scenarios start to trace painful projections for the immediate future of crypto-investors

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Investor Report, Aug 4

Altcoins are starting to suffer, on a continuous basis, huge losses and placing themselves in some very attractive levels or even undervalued areas. Perhaps allied to that, Bitcoin is gradually and steadily recovering a significant amount of its dominance and has its leading role over the market further reinforced.

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Investor Report, Jul 28

Bitcoin keeps recovering a significant share of its dominance and recent pumps of prices placed us at a level that many people weren’t expecting so quickly. Sentiment has evolved positively in the past weeks and the absence of any major negative news or events has sustained a continuous improvement of the global scenario.

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Investor Report, Jul 21

Six consecutive days on the green placed us in course to a decisive level which may dictate the nearest future of the crypto markets prior to the extended vacations period

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Investor Report, Jul 14

The relief rally was ephemeral and we already lost two-thirds of that punctual gains in a short period. That confirms our over restated claim that bears dominate the market and that it has been hard for bulls to agree on what should be their definite appealing price for entry.

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