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Investor Report, Nov 18

In the past two months, Bitcoin markets experienced a reduced volatility period, trading exclusively in the range $6,200-6,800. With trading volume reducing gradually with time, it was expectable that the established sideways movement would give rise to another turmoil period in the short-term. After an unusually long wait, on the last Wednesday, 14th of November, Bitcoin price finally slumped and achieved a year-to-date minimum of $5,432 – a value that was established on the following day (cf. Bitfinex tick data).

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Investor Report, Sep 30

One week has passed and pretty much hasn’t changed with our somehow conservative readings standing up. $6,800 resisted once again which confirmed our early suspicions on the weak setup for bulls. Not everything has failed as the making of consecutive higher lows is seen as a positive achievement of the market. At least it can provide another safety pillow in some investors’ levels for stop-losses.

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Investor Report, Sep 25

Last week we forecasted a stabilization of the market, with the range $6,000-$6,200 acting as a solid support. Confirmed. Also, we added the impression that BTC/USD had some margin to recover, yet not its full extent – with the caveat that we would need to do it step-by-step. Also confirmed. Finally, we mentioned that the price action looked a bit fragile – not yet consolidated -, and that a bullish run would probably hit the wall again. This still needs to be confirmed, but our analyses point down to additional difficulties in the bulls’ aspirations.

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Investor Report, Sep 17

The performance of the markets on the 5th of September took out a significant share of the market and reinforced significantly the dominance of Bitcoin in the global digital assets ecosystem. This week, the majority of the altcoins recovered partially from the huge losses of past week and, henceforth, global market capitalization had the chance to place itself, once again, above the $200 Bn mark. Today, at press time, Bitcoin dominance sits at 55.6%, while two weeks ago it was only at 52.3 percentual points.

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Investor Report, Sep 1

Bitcoin had a relatively volatile period and somehow stabilized for a few days. That apathetic behavior will quickly develop into another turmoil of prices if history does repeat itself. In the present state, there’s a slightly bullish conjecture on Bitcoin evolution of prices but, as always, with some dangers ahead in the road.

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